Fusion 360: professional CAE software for 20€/month

Fusion 360: professional CAE software for 20€/month

As mentioned in this blog some weeks ago, CAD is moving on the cloud. A “new” player in this market is Autodesk’s Fusion 360. It would be difficult to describe all the features of this revolutionary tool here, so visit this link. If you are not convinced yet, see:

Not enough? They have a big active user community, a good technical support and you can write scripts with an API:


You may or may not like Autodesk’s decision to stop selling perpetual licenses, but you have to admit that 20 €/month for Fusion 360 is a good price. Yes, I said 20€.

A last important detail for FEA user: you can do “direct modeling” on imported parts. But I let this for another post…


For all those reasons, Idra Simulation decided to adopt it. This option is more flexible than the expensive licenses of SolidWorks, Creo and cie (their maintenance fees alone are more expensive than Fusion 360); and the few active open-source CAD projects are not yet ready for the industry.