CFD simulation of Porous Material

CFD simulation of Porous Material

Different industrial applications involve the modeling of flow through porous material, like water filtration, catalyst beds, packing, etc.

Darcy-Forchheimer law can be used on the Porous media to characterize the pressure drop:

Where S is a source term added to the Navier-Stokes equations. This term is composed of a viscous loss term and an inertial loss term, creating a pressure drop that is proportional to the velocity and velocity squared, respectively.

The constants D and F have physical meaning and could be calculated based on permeability and Ergun’s coefficient, but in this work they have been determined by curve fitting of the pressure/velocity curves of the porous material.

This image shows streamlines passing trough the filling material and drift eliminator of a cooling tower:  

The simulation has been performed at Idra Simulation on a 3.7 millions elements mesh.