About Idra

Why would you contact Idra Simulation S.L ?

1. To perform Numerical Simulations, Finite Element Analysis or Scientific Calculations.

2. We can help you using free open source tools.

3. Contracting a consultant directly is much cheaper and more flexible than using a traditional outsourcing service.

4. Idra Simulation is an official co-distributor of Midas NFX for Spain and Portugal. We also offer training and consulting related to this product.

About the Team

Pierre Lafortune, P. Eng, M.Sc.LinkedIn_logobutton-researchgate
Simulation Engineer

Pierre has more than 10 years of experience in numerical simulation and mechanical design. Past positions and collaborations include Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Iris R&D, UC San Diego and Montreal Heart Institute, among others. He worked in collaboration with clients from different sectors, like biomedical, product design, academic, industrial process, automotive, etc. Pierre lived and studied in Canada, and later moved to Barcelona in 2007.


Alejandro Adan Diez, P. Eng, M. Eng. LinkedIn_logo
Simulation Engineer

After completing a Master in Mathematical Engineering at A Coruña University, Alejandro worked for four years as a CAD designer and CAE analyst for the automotive and sintered material industries.


Lluís Martínez Biscarri, P. Eng. LinkedIn_logo
External CAE expert

Lluís has an extended experience as CAE engineer for the automotive industry. He also worked in structure and energy sectors, and taught finite element methods at the UPC (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya). Asides from collaborating with Idra Simulation as external expert, he is the responsible of Biscarri Consultoria and coordinator of numerical simulations for the network Ideas2value.

Bernardo Di Pietro

Bernardo is a current student at Indiana University, pursuing a BS degree in Informatics and Computing with a minor in Business Administration. Bernardo is assisting us on different topics, from configuration of CFD study to SEO optimization.


We are based in Barcelona, but our clients are from different countries like Germany, Denmark, USA, Australia and Spain. If the project necessitates it, we have full mobility to attend the client at his own installations.



To guarantee our clients the highest quality in every specific field, we work in partnership with other companies. Rather than competing with each other, it’s our view that collaborating with a network of partners with complementary experience boosts our competitiveness and productivity.

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Biscarri Consultoria


Lluís Martínez Biscarri collaborates with Idra as a simulation specialist. Lluís offers numerical simulations and know-how transfer of CAE technologies to industry.

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Simulsoft is the exclusive distributor of Midas Engineering Software products for Spain and Portugal.

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