Idra Simulation S.L. can help you if:

1. You have needs in Numerical Simulations and would rather not open a full-time position for this task. One economical solution is to contract simulation specialists directly.  

2. You want to try or buy Midas NFX; or you need training or consulting related to Midas NFX ;

3. You want to learn using open-source tools and integrate them into the conception process.


Client testimonials

Subcontracting to Idra Simulation the verification of the structural design calculations using FEA, has been fast and efficient. It gave us the suitable results in order to fulfill the current regulations.
Albert Reixach, CEO Norfeus Lightning
Our collaboration with Idra Simulation really helped us during the conception phase, saving costs and optimizing our design. We expect to cooperate again in the future.
Gonzalo Bustamante, Engineering Manager Transplant Biomedicals, S.L.
Fast and professional service. Simulations helped us to better know our product and to open new ways of improvement. We are very satisfied with the results.
Violeta Burgos, Engineering & R&D manager Tecasa
The simulations performed by Idra Simulation assisted us in the development of a new industrial process with a high technical level and helped to shorten the prototype phase.
Alejandro Rosales, Science & Technology Manager IRIS Advanced Engineering
Idra Simulation provided us with expert detailed analysis and was very insightful with answers to many of our questions. We are looking forward to the opportunity to work with them again in the near future.
Mario Cordoza Mlett,Inc